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    Bramma blog

    Bramma blog
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    Jamstyle on Renegade Radio | May, 2016 edition:

    SeenJah - NattyVibessound, Sven Joseph König, Bramma Shanti.

    Bare Vibes we bring! Brand new tunes, some unreleased, some just released...

    Artists like Micah Shemaiah, Brian Gold, Chelsea Stewart, Ronnie Davis, Michael Fabulous, Rassi Hardknocks, Infinite, Kazam Davis, Exile di Brave, Xana RomeoAzizzi Romeo , Michael Giron aka Michael Herb Dwayne DVoyce StewartEesahMusic aka Ackime NephewImmanuel Ras-i Kerr and many more.




    Bramma blog
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    Eesah was born on April 17, 1991 at the Kingston Jubilee Hospital to Ms. Donna Falconer and Mr. Owen Nephew. Eesah is a Reggae/Dancehall/Rap artist who has a background enriched in writing, editing and also as a professional engineer. He is an upcoming artist with a positive outlook on life which is also reflected in the type of music that he produces.

    During his career, Eesah worked with artistes such as Hempress Sativa, Chronixx, Infinite, The Gideon, Selah, Micah Shemaiah, DXL, Simonese Iyata, Soul Indi, Exile Di Brave, Danjarus, Kazam Davis, Choppa Chop, Irie Jah and many other talented musicians. Also had the pleasure of working with some of the best producers out there in the industry including Jahnoi “Selah” Nunes (Jah Ova Evil Movement/Flo Factory), Romain “Teflon” Arnett (Zinc Fence), Jamar “Chronixx” McNaughton, Qbist Sound System, All Fruits, Jawara Ellis, Donovan Steele, Romey...

    His music is currently available on soundcloud where you will find songs such as - Love The Way You Looking, More Times, Red, Purple, Green & Yellow, Smoke Weed All Day, No Rights, One More Chance and Weed Party and other tracks. These are just a sample of some of the great music that can be heard from this young rising star. Recently he shot the video for the first single off his mixtape: Smoke Weed All Day directed by Exile Di Brave. It is already getting heavy rotation in Europe especially in Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and UK. Eesah would like to send some words of advice to all youths »never let anyone tell you that you cannot make it in whatever you are doing. When told that just tell them failure is a rehearsal for success. Just be of good manners, humble, truthful and hardworking and you will succeed in your task or career of your choosing. Always remember where you are coming from. Last but not least always remember God in everything you do and put him first«.

    The Lords of the Land EP is a 6-track collection with the latest sound that is fueling the heartbeat of rootz reggae music coming out of Jamaica right now. Eesah and Silkki Wonda are two individual artists coming together as trendsetters among this leading generation of professional Jamaican musicians. A unique body of artwork compliments each single on the album.


    “Lords of the Land” EP showcased in January of 2016.

    Tracklist: 1. Will Power

                     2. They Don’t Know

                     3. Go For Your Goals

                     4. Go At That Dream feat. Micah Shemiah and L.E.A.D.

                     5. Kingston City feat. Micah Shemiah

                     6. Bonus Track: Black Marcus


    Bramma blog
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    New Rockers Mixtape out, "Back a Yard" edition is full of new tunes from new talents out of Jamaica. If u know the song "Nuff Sessions" from Exile di Brave, then you heard how he described a party week inna Kingston. There's a daily offer with Vinyl Thursday, Innercity Dub, Kingston Dubclub, Dubschool, Dubwize and more ....

    The concept soundsystem came from Jamaica, from the time where artists come to a dance, grab the mic and sing a song on the sound system and entertain the crowed. Nowadays this still exists and from doing all these parties, I discovered a whole new fresh generation "New Rockers" talents and upcoming artists. In this mix I wanna give them strength and push/support them someway over JAMSTYLE RENEGADE RADIO waves, but also promote over the internet! 

    In this mix you can hear some brilliant songs from mi General EESAH "Will Power", Roots by Nature "City of Jah", Samory I "African Daughter", Marla Brown, Ras I, Runkus, Royal Blu, Makonen and way more! 

    Music is a mission , not a competition! So support the artist , support the music & support the culture and Jah shall reward You!! 


    Bramma blog
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    Jamstyle on Renegade Radio show with Seenjah ft Mr Joseph n Bramma Shanti ! Enjoy the Roots n Culture style: Some Unreleased tunes, Some Brand New tunes, Some Jamstyle Specials ....
    Don't Hesitate, press play , sit back & relax.

    New tunes from Tóke, Akea Beka (Midnite), Alborosie, Degree, Rassi Hardknocks, Exile Di Brave, Young Jr., Cali P, Lyrical Benjie, Culture Japhet, Saimn-I, Anaicon, Jane Macgizmo, Jawara and many more.


    Bramma blog
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    Stepwise Records and Natty Vibes Sound presents:

    SWR004 - AFRICA AWAITS by:                                                                                                                                             

    Rassi Hardknocks, Micah Shemaiah, Exile Di Brave, Jahkime & Simonese.

    This African-centered anthem, uplifting rendition of Ewan Naphtali’s 1974 ‘’Africa Awaiting Its Creators’’ came in the thoughts of this tune’s creators, 3-4 years ago when Natty Vibes Sound made the link with Rassi Hardknocks and Micah Shemaiah. Later on Simonese, Exile Di Brave and Jahkime aka Eesah joined them and together they made a track called ‘’Africa Awaits’’. It’s available in limited, hand-numbered, 7’’ vinyl and is also featured on Rassi Hardknocks album ‘’Great Songs’’. The riddim was provided by aDUBta, owner of German label Stepwise Records and was mixed and mastered by Dub Creator. This tune only shows, that if various artists unite the result is always something different, new and exciting and "Africa Awaits" is no exception.

    You can order your own limited 7’’ vinyl at Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Potrebujete Javascript za pogled.

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