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After last collaboration with Homegrown Sound from Croatia, Slovenian most active independent dub label Massive! Sound Records, is stern on course with presenting local producers and heavy-bass dub music. Once again they placed Koneski on pedestal and let us say, rightfully so!

This is second release from Massive! Sound Records with vocal back up and also second as of international collaboration. Koneski joined effort with Jojo Gladstone, Dutch singer and pianist, to produce rub-a-dub style song with 80’s flavor. True fans will notice that inspiration for it comes from the riddim masters Sly & Robbie.


MURDA is packed with reverb and delay with strong and col snare, that creates specific atmosphere Koneski has mastered trough his releases for Massive! label so we didn’t expect anything less this time. Combined with smooth vocal from Jojo, it only further emphasizes the dramatic backdrop of the song. Version alone would be more than enough, but the message original brings is very powerful and maybe more than ever relevant, with the situation going around the world. If you want to hear it in the way Koneski and Jojo imagined it, you should turn your volume up to the maximum, or better yet, listen to it at the nearest sound system party and enjoy the pressure it creates.

As we stated before, this release brings original song and a version, but Massive! crew assured us continuation of MURDA project with some more versions during following months from producers such as Green&Tall (Slo) and HomeGrown Sound (Cro).



Written and mixed by: Domen Koneski

Lyrics & Vocals: JoJo Gladstone

Mastering by: Daniel Grintal

Artwork by:

Review: Reggae.SI