SUMERR, the Jamaican female artist, who recently debuted with her album Downs District is back with a drum'n'bass remix of her track Head Up ft. Kumar.

We already introduced upcoming singer on our pages and also did interview with her not that long time ago!




We live in a time, when the verse “Keep ya head up” has more meaning than ever before. Known for their support to the youths and the community in general is also the most active soundsystem in the Balkans region – RootsInSession Soundsystem, based in Ljubljana/Slovenia, very known for mixing bass genres like reggae, drum'n'bass, hiphop, jungle and spreading positive messages at every ocassion.


A perfect get-together of SumeRR’s vocal and RootsInSession’s vibe will put you in a confident and courageous mood. The remix starts with an original intro, in which SumeRR shares a clear message and shows that she is coming to the top of the reggae scene. The intro is followed by RootsInSession’s drop down and switch to straight jump-up drum’n’bass beat that continues with cuverball basslines and wobbles, while SumeRR’s vocals echo in your head “Head Up, Head Up …”


The guitar inserts are played by Matej Huljev, who added the right dose of live riffs to the remix and the final sound image is provided by the penetrating drum'n'bass producer Filip Motovunski in his FM Mastering Studio in Zagreb/Croatia. Another proof why RootsInSession have been in the business for 20 years an still continue with joining forces with musician in the Balkan region and all over the globe, among which are artists like David Boomah, Kiril Dzajkovski, Dubioza Kolektiv, Edo Maajka, Brain Holidays to name a few.


Head Up remix is for all DJs and selectors, who like to mix different genres of bass music and support soundsystem culture. This chune is ready to spread to the worldwide drum'n'bass scene.


Genre: reggae/drum'n'bass


Label: VPAL Music


Released date: 26.6.2020





VPAL Music

Filip Motovunski

Matej Huljev

Tom Petruccelli (cover design)